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Art Showings

I'm so happy to be a featured artist at Devil's Club Brewing Company in Juneau, Alaska. My work will be on display in February 2021. The images below are printed and hanging at the brewery. I care about the stories I tell through my images, so if you would like to read the story behind each image, simply click on it and read at your leisure. And while you read, consider taking one of these images home with you and support a local artist.

I also work with outdoor brands to produce marketing content and lead photography tours around Alaska and the world. While the pandemic has put many things on hold, I expect to be back on expedition ships by May 2021, at which time I will post my travel schedule, but I expect to be in Alaska, Northern Europe, West Africa, Patagonia, Antarctica, and many more amazing locations. If you're interested in joining me for an expedition, keep checking my home page for updates. If you work with an outdoor brand in need of high-quality marketing images, you can reach out to me directly.  


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