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Based in Juneau, Alaska, Lingít Aaní, Kim spends her time between the mountains and the ocean.  Graduating from the University of Denver with a Bachelors in Biology and Cognitive Neuroscience as well as with a Masters of Business Administration, Kim has since found her place working on expedition ships as a photographer, SCUBA diver, and naturalist.  She spends most of her year aboard expedition ships from Alaska to Antarctica, working in the most remote places on the globe.  

While Kim prefers the colder places on the planet, her initial work in field biology came from the tropics of East Africa.  She worked on one of the world's foremost Marine Protected Areas establishing a baseline survey of the predatory fish on the coral reef in Zanzibar.  

As a naturalist and professional diver, Kim shares her love of the underwater world through photography and specializes in wildlife.  Her biology training has given her the unique understanding of animal behavior, and that is one of her favorite parts of wildlife photography - observing animals and predicting their behaviors to make a unique and beautiful image. All of this while adhering strictly to ethical wildlife viewing practices. The only animals she gets too close to are the ones she's trying to eat! 

Images are powerful, and in a world over saturated with beautiful Instagram images, Kim looks to tell the story of the natural world in a way that inspires people to care about protecting it.  But that's not enough to care.  It's not enough to document a changing climate, species extinction, and exploration, and that's why Kim has dedicated her life to education, conservation, and storytelling.  

When not aboard expedition ships, Kim spends her time making images for outdoor companies, skiing, paragliding, and diving for fun too!

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